How to Prepare for Your Bridesmaid Wedding Hair Styling

How Your Bridesmaids Can Prep for Their Wedding Hair Styling

It’s no secret that part of having a successful wedding day is staying on time and organized, here is everything you need to know about how your bridal party can be prepared for their bridesmaid’s wedding hair. And as your Orlando wedding make-up and hair stylists, it’s our job to ensure that everyone feels beautiful while staying on time. This is because there’s something special about getting your hair and make-up done with your girls on the morning of your wedding! You’re all together, sharing laughs, tears of joy, and even a mimosa or two all while getting glam.

We like to set expectations as early as possible for both our bridal parties, especially when it comes to hair. The hairstyling process is different for each bridesmaid, depending on their hair type and texture. As the bride, you serve as the bridge between your bridal party and your artist team to help them prep for your wedding.

To set everyone up for success, here are few preparation tips to communicate to your bridesmaids so they too can have perfect wedding hair:

How Your Bridesmaids Can Prep for Their Wedding Hair Styling

Have Your Bridesmaid’s Wedding Hair Inspiration Ready

At GAD Artistry, our wedding day appointments for bridesmaids are in 45-minute time blocks. In order to stay on time, there are only 5 minutes for consultation and 40 minutes for service. Regardless of whether you let your bridesmaids pick their style or not, it’s very important that your inspiration is ready to go! 

Look for bridal party styles that are similar to each bridesmaid’s hair length, density, and color. We recommend checking out our Pinterest or Instagram pages to start looking for inspiration before wedding day to save even more time!

How Your Bridesmaids Can Prep for Their Wedding Hair Styling

Use a Clarifying Shampoo to Have Full Volume

We can’t think of a single person who doesn’t want volume in their bridesmaid wedding hair! Regardless of the style you want, make sure that your hair is clean and freshly washed with a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up and oil. Clarification is the best thing you can do to get hair that’s soft, shiny, and light in texture. When using conditioner, only use it on the last third of your hair, focusing on the ends. If your bridesmaids want to define their natural texture, clarify and condition just before your hairstyling appointment time frame.

How Your Bridesmaids Can Prep for Their Wedding Hair Styling

Consider Getting a Professional Blow Out in Advance

If possible, we recommend your bridesmaids get a professional blow dry service 1-3 days in advance to ensure that their hair is as smooth and light as possible, making sure your style has longevity on the wedding day. We do not allow time for blow drying during the appointment unless the hairstyle is a blow-dry specifically so make sure you take care of that before your team arrives.

How Your Bridesmaids Can Prep for Their Wedding Hair Styling

If you’re ready to bring your hair and makeup wedding vision to life, then contact our Central Florida wedding hair and makeup team by filling out our contact form. You can also email or call 407.233.8616.

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