Top Hair Tips for a Summer Wedding in Florida

top hair rips for summer wedding in florida

Plan on hosting a summer wedding in Florida? While our state is known for its endless sunshine and picturesque ocean backdrops, there is one more thing summer brides need to consider when planning their bridal hairstyle: humidity and high temperatures. This is especially true if your venue will be outdoors. So, you want to consider both your style preferences and of course, your personal comfort. These are our top hair tips for your summer wedding in Florida.

These hair tips also apply to bridal party members! Continue to read so you too can have perfect wedding hair for your summer wedding!

top tips for summer wedding hair in Florida

Summertime Hair Tip One: Make Sure Your Hair is Clean

No dirty hair here! Regardless of the hairstyle, you are looking for, the best way to prep to preserve your dreamy bridal style in those warm temperatures is to have a fresh and clean base. Natural oils and hair products will weigh your beautiful tresses down (add in sweat and it can cause all kinds of issues!) Clean, fresh, and dry hair with the minimal product will give your bridal stylist the best lightweight foundation.

Tip Two for Summer Wedding Hairstyles: Consider Longevity in the Summer Heat

Hair down hairstyles is trending on Pinterest! While this natural approach to wedding hair is beautiful, it’s not always the easiest or most comfortable in our Florida summer heat. From sweat to humidity, hair all down on your wedding can be the biggest challenge for a few different reasons.

Your hair will look fabulous fresh from the artist’s chair, but think about how will look and feel by hour 3? If you are 100% set on wearing your hair down, get a blowout the day before. Smoothing your hair will give it a head start and help preserve the longevity of your styling.

top hair tips for summer wedding in florida

Top Summer Wedding Hair Tip Three: Consider Alternative Hairstyles

As you start to consider which hairstyles interest you for your summer wedding, think about alternatives to hair all down. Some alternatives may be half-up styles, updo, or side-swept. A half-up hairstyle will still provide you with the feel of wearing it down without all the weight of your hair. It’s also a great way to pull hair away from your face.

If you are looking at an updo it will be far easier to preserve the loom of the styling. Try to look for a style that keeps your hair off of your neck. Wearing a high bun will keep you cool since your hair is off of your neck and face and if there’s a breeze you’ll get to feel it.

It’s no secret that Florida is known for its hot, hot summers! We love our state for the endless coastlines and picturesque settings, but it can be extremely harsh on styled hair. With all of our top hair tips for a summer wedding, remember that the best way to preserves is to have a fresh and clean base. Remember, oils will weigh everything down so clean, fresh, dry hair with a minimal product will give you the best base for your stylist to work with! In need of some hairstyle ideas? Click here to follow us on Pinterest!

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