Naturally Curly Wedding Hairstyles for Brides to Be

Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Curly hair is what so many brides dream of! From texture, luscious body, and dimension, there is so much to love about your hair type! Whether you choose to leave it natural or have your hair blown out, there are so many different ways to style your hair on wedding day. Below, we have shared the most popular ways to style hair, which accessories work best for you, and have shared top curly hair tips for wedding day.

Continue to read as we share our go to guide for brides to be with naturally curly hair. From different hairstyles to tips and even which accessories are best for you, we have covered it all!

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Different Hairstyles for Brides with Curly Hair 

Hair All Down

For curly girls, hair down is often a staple look and one they are known for. Most people with curly hair wear their hair down often. So why wouldn’t you want to look and feel like yourself on your wedding day? Hair all down on wedding day has become increasingly popular over the past year. If you choose to wear this hairstyle on wedding day, consider wearing a veil or hair accessory like a headband to elevate your look while maintaining your personal bridal style.

Bridal Up do 

Nothing says classic elegance quite like an updo on wedding day. Hair that has texture, volume, and body does well in this hairstyle because it takes shape well and will maintain it’s volume. Oftentimes, an up do is a solution for brides with curly hair because it will keep you comfortable and cool on your wedding day. Bridal up do hairstyles are perfect for those who have medium to long hair. However, if you have short hair you too can have an up do, but you may want to consider adding extensions for extra length.

Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down with Curls

The perfect balance of formal and flirty, the half up half down hairstyle is ideal for those with textured hair. That’s because this hairstyle allows you to show off your natural curls and face! This classic bridal hairstyle works well with any hair length, texture, and formality. 

We recommend this hairstyle for those who are unsure of how they want to wear their hair but definitely want to show length and their natural curls. Pair this hairstyle with a comb or hairpins to add that touch of delicate sparkle!

Side Swept Hollywood Waves 

For the long curly hair bride who is interested in having their natural locks blown out, the side swept, Hollywood style is perfect for you! This romantic hairstyle is sexy and timeless. It perfectly shows off the length of your hair while keeping curls out of your face. What we love about this hairstyle is how it shows off your chosen hair accessories and your dress! Unlike hair all down, having hair swept to one side allows you to show off the entire back of your gown! 

Hollywood waves for curly hair

Styles of Hair Accessories for Brides with Curly Textured Hair 

Hair Comb 

Of all the bridal hair accessories, the most popular is the hair comb. These accessories are designed and set on a comb which make them extremely versatile and easy to pair with any hairstyle. Hair combs are available in a range of metals and designs. From silver, gold, and rose gold plating’s to details of crystals, pearls, and even colored stones like sapphire blue or emerald green, the options are endless! If you are unsure of how to style your hair on wedding day, but know you want a hair accessory, definitely choose a hair comb. Your hairstylist can easily add the hair accessory to your hair, regardless of the style chosen or length!

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Bridal Headbands 

Of all the bridal hair accessories, the headband is the most trending and currently talked about! This hair accessory we all wore as a child has returned in the most elegant and fashionable way. Designed in a range of styles, headbands are ideal for curly hair because it has a whimsical and ultra feminine look when paired with curls. Because curly hair has natural volume and body, headbands sit perfectly on top of the head. This also means that it can be paired with all curly hair lengths, from pixie to ultra long!

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Hair Pins 

Hair pins are perfect for the bride who wants just a hint of sparkle in their hair. These dainty and refined hair accessories are perfect for updos and hair that is half up half down. These are lightly set in the hair and can be secured in place with additional bobby pins. These hair accessories are perfect for the bride who is a minimalist and believes less is more! 

Styling Tips for Naturally Curly Hair on Wedding Day

Clean & Dried Curls are Essential! 

 If you are wearing your natural curls on wedding day, be sure to wash, product style, and air dry or diffuse your hair. Fresh, clean curls ensure hair is shiny, polished, and full of volume! Once your hair is styled and dried, your stylist can begin to work on your hair and setting it in the style of your choosing. 

Style Your Hair the Same Way for Your Wedding Trial 

When it comes to your wedding hair trial, it’s important to have a successful appointment! This means attending the appointment with your natural curls – not blown out or straightened! This is important because your hairstylist needs to understand your hair’s density and texture with the desired style of your choosing before your wedding day. They may have specific questions or tips for you to best achieve your desired look.

Embrace ( and love) Your Texture 

If there is one thing all of us curly girls know, it’s embracing what God gave us! Just remember that on wedding day, there is a chance your hair will want to do it’s own thing, especially if you are rocking your natural curls. But do not worry! We will arrive with styling products like a curling iron to tame and prep your gorgeous locks. We always want to look and feel our best on wedding day, but we can’t control everything. If your curls aren’t cooperating on wedding day, just remember that your partner loves all of you! Including your fabulous hair. 

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