5 Wedding Grooming Tips for Your Groom

top 5 wedding grooming tips for your groom

When it comes to wedding day beauty, the focus is mostly on the brides and bridesmaids, but grooms deserve to be pampered too! Your wedding day is important to both parties, so it’s important that you both look and feel your best.  While there are no solid rules or etiquette for how your groom needs to look at your wedding, we have the top 5 wedding grooming tips for your groom to make the pampering process easier on your special day. 

Whether your groom has a beard to tame, is clean-shaven, or needs a trim, keep reading for our 5 tips to get your groom’s wedding day ready!

Get Your Hair Cut A Week Before the Wedding

To keep your groom’s hair looking dapper, be sure the trim is booked about one week prior to the wedding.  Don’t mess around when it comes to this haircut and choose a high-end barber to do the job. Does he love the look of his hair 3 days after the haircut? Or maybe day 6? Take this into account when choosing the exact date of your cut or trim!  This will ensure the style looks both natural and lived-in but still neat. For the day of, our experienced stylists can provide men’s hairstyling including a neckline shape up and light styling to ensure each hair is perfectly placed!

groom's wedding day pampering

Groom Your Facial Hair Accordingly

If your groom has a beard, mustache, or any kind of facial hair, be sure it is taken care of. Follow the same rules with your hair and trim your facial hair! Get it trimmed about a week before your wedding depending on what he thinks looks best. Also invest in some great products like beard soap, oil, etc. to keep facial hair healthy and groomed.

Choose a Special Scent

It’s your wedding day, of course, your groom wants to smell good just like you do! Scent can bring back so many memories. Consider buying a cologne that both you and your groom have never worn before. That way, each time you wear it, you will always be reminded of your wedding day. Just be sure to pick a scent that isn’t overpowering or overwhelming for others!

Make Sure You Are Well Rested

Wedding planning, work, rehearsal dinners, bachelor parties, work, the months leading up to the big day can be stressful. While sleep is not exactly grooming, it’s important to get adequate sleep! Try making sure the bachelor party happens a few weeks before the wedding. This is so you can recover then instead of the wedding week. Try going to bed early the night before the wedding so you can look and feel well-rested on your wedding day.

Don’t Forget to Give Yourself Some Wedding Day Grooming

Add in a few fun extras for the wedding week! After all, the groom deserves to be pampered too! Get a mani-pedi the week of the wedding to keep them soft and healthy. Consider adding GAD’s Men Grooming to your package where we can assist with blemish coverage, shine, and redness removal as needed. You can also add fun little things like a teeth whitening strip or a cucumber eye mask the morning of your wedding. This will all ensure your groom looks and feels just as great as you do on your wedding day.

If you’re ready to bring your hair and makeup wedding vision to life, then contact our Central Florida wedding hair and makeup team by filling out our contact form. You can also email info@gadartistry.com or call 407.233.8616.

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