The Difference Between Neutral vs. Natural Wedding Makeup

With ever changing makeup trends and makeup application techniques, brides are often requesting makeup looks that aren’t actually what they are looking for at all. One of these looks is neutral makeup rather than natural makeup for their wedding. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian have coined the neutral makeup looks, but are they as natural as we think? Or are they wearing a full face of makeup that appears to be natural?

Continue to read as we share the difference between neutral vs. natural wedding makeup to see which style you actually prefer for your wedding day.

Natural Wedding Makeup 

Oftentimes, when a bride is requesting neutral makeup, she is actually requesting natural makeup for her wedding. Natural makeup is usually what most people wear every day. For the bride who is requesting natural makeup, they are probably the type of person who wears a tinted moisturizer every day, sheer lipstick, and cream blush rather than full coverage makeup  (Think Glossier model!). 

For the bride who doesn’t wear much makeup and is looking to achieve a natural glow on their wedding day, this is still possible. Remember, makeup is personal and specific for each person! Full coverage makeup is not one size fits all. 

natural light makeup for wedding day

Here is a breakdown of Natural Makeup and what it actually looks like:

-Foundation: A light application of foundation that is skin-like. Airbrush foundation is great for this look as well as a sheer liquid BB Cream, or thinned-out cream foundation.
– A light application of facial powder and blush, complementary to your skin tone.
– A sheer lipstick, tinted lip balm, or lip stain.
– Light-colored eyeshadow and brow bone highlight
– A tinted brow gel to keep the brows in place
– Thin line of eyeliner, cream, or powder
– Mascara on natural lashes

For the natural makeup brides out there, you totally can wear this style on your wedding day! Full coverage is not the only option for brides to be. Our tip is to clearly communicate with your makeup artist how much makeup you do (or don’t!) wear everyday. Even consider bringing your foundation and blush to your trial appointment to see if the artist has something comparable in their kit. 

Neutral Wedding Makeup 

Unlike natural makeup, neutral makeup is a medium to full glam coverage. Neutral makeup is highly trending on social media with influencers and bloggers because in photos it gives the appearance of natural makeup. However, keep in mind that beauty bloggers and influencers are also keen on using filters and apps to smooth skin!  

Neutral makeup is popular amongst brides who are looking for full coverage but want a makeup look that is traditional while still giving coverage they want. As mentioned previously, stars and social media influencers like Kim Kardashian have coined this look. Many brides request a natural makeup look but present an image of her, with full glam but don’t realize she is wearing full coverage makeup with foundation, concealer, powder, creams, shadows, lashes, and eyeliner. If you are looking for this style of makeup, then you are actually looking for neutral makeup, not natural makeup. 

the difference between neutral and natural wedding makeup

What’s included in neutral makeup and what it looks like

-medium to full coverage foundation. Liquid, cream, or airbrush in layers
– Full coverage concealer
-Cream contour over foundation application
– Translucent powder baked onto the highlighted portion of your face (it will stay there for a minute or so)
-Highlight cream or powder on the high points of the body and face
-Blush (complimentary to skin tone!)
– Lip liner & lipstick
– Neutral pigment eyeshadow colors, Smokey eye shadow placement, gradient color placement, halo color placement
-Eyeliner, above and or below the lash line; liquid, cream, or pencil
-false lashes & mascara

Tips for Achieving Your Perfect Wedding Makeup Look 

When it’s time to start looking for wedding day makeup looks, remember, wedding makeup is not one size fits all. Your makeup should be tailored to you as an individual. It should check all the boxes that you want to see!  If you are unsure of which style, natural or neutral, for your wedding day, you can always do a combination of both! Your makeup artist can use both makeup’s looks by omitting the things you don’t want and including what you do like. For example, wearing false lashes but having lighter foundation coverage.

Also, be sure to know the difference between neutral vs. natural makeup wedding makeup so you can properly communicate your wants and needs to your chosen makeup artist. As much as we wish we can, we can’t read minds, so if you want a combination of natural and neutral, understand which traits of the two you like best. Hopefully understanding the difference can help you navigate those differences to create a flawless wedding makeup look for you. 

If you’re ready to bring your hair and makeup wedding vision to life, then contact our Central Florida wedding hair and makeup team by filling out our contact form. You can also email or call 407.233.8616.

Image Credits:

Hair and makeup: GAD Artisty
Photography: Terrie Images
Venue: Luxmore Grand estate

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